Hello 2019

December 31, 2018

This year will be a little different. I am still shooting the news but I'm going to make an effort to shoot something fun again. Something like family portraits, executive portraits, and a wedding or two. In the third quarter of the year, I hope to be offering real black and white portraits on silver gelatin paper - you know the hand-crafted, old fashion way. The way I did it when I started as a pro photographer. It will be fun and you will end up with a traditional, custom-made portrait. Of course, we will still offer a wide selection of different types of photographic services with our top pro cameras and digital processing. Your portrait will be available in wallet sizes up to life size (or even larger).   

There is something magical about shooting a portrait. I have shot tens of thousands of portraits since 1985 and still feel that each one is different. A portrait photographer is always learning. I am surprised at all the classes, workshops and videos that say you have to have this or that type of gear (whatever the latest fad is). I think you have to have a good eye and make a connection with your sitter. Yeah, you do need a good lens but I have shot in all types of environments and still pulled off some good portraits because of being dedicated and listening to the team and the person being photographed.  It's always a team effort even when the sitter doesn't know where to start.

I want to invite you to join us on this new journey. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates and new services (https://adamproductions.com/subscribe-free-newletter) and let us make a portrait for you that will be handed down for generations.

We've got the gear and many custom-made backdrops but we can also shoot in your home or office for a very unique portrait. Commission your portrait sitting today by calling 304-676-4200 or emailing me at mccoy@adamproductions.com

I am looking forward to seeing you in front of my lens in 2019!




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