First Communion

May 19, 2019


I love to shoot events like this First Communion. The children are dressed up and happy, the parents proud and the church members are so supportive of them all. This year I was at St. Bernadette Catholic Church again and enjoyed every moment of it. It's a big day for the children and their parents, grandparents, and Godparents.

We plan out the shoot in advance so I can get the shots that I need without upstaging the event. Every detail is planned and thought out. Back up plans are put in place, extra gear is stored on the grounds and the day gets underway.


Everyone is happy. It is a day of celebration which is a real break for me since I mostly cover the news. Not a whole lot of happy days during those assignments.

The children are making a big commitment on this day but I have found they are not as nervous as the adults. After First Communion, there is always a cake. Father Pucciarelli says you have to have a cake when you celebrate and have a party.

I enjoy documenting such an important day in the lives of these children. God bless each one of them.

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