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I have spent almost all of my adult life standing behind one camera or another. First with a stills camera in the Blackwater Canyon in West Virginia. I was a teenager and followed my grandfather Alvie Goff into the mountains. He left behind a love for nature and the arts. I learned to shoot by taking pictures then developing my film and prints in a makeshift darkroom in the bathroom. It was a joy!

I passed this on to my son Adam. We started Adam Productions after he was born. He grew and we grew and have photographed tens of thousands of people. After shooting commercial work in New York City (and many other places) and tens of thousands of portraits, I moved to the West Coast.

In Los Angeles, I worked in the movie business. This time standing behind a movie camera. It was a great experience. I loved every minute of it. I wrote scripts and later stories and even novels - another creative outlet. It was a glorious time. I lived a life that few could even dream of and I didn't want to waste one second of it. I still look back on those times with a smile.

While working on a documentary for public television I discovered my cameras could become the voice of those oppressed. I witnessed the death and hardships of the homeless for five years. It was a life changing experience. Suddenly the glitz and glamor of models and money were not so important. I returned to my roots.

With a new outlook on life, it only made sense to have a new outlook for the company. Each day I look forward to the challenge and personal rewards of photojournalism. I do firmly believe that we can make a difference for the most vulnerable and oppressed by telling their story.

Today I am often asked, 'what type of a photographer are you?' It's a fair question, in today's world, everyone is a specialist. I have experience in so many different aspects of this craft and have loved all the challenges, so it's hard for me to answer that question. The best answer I could give is "one that works behind the camera," because it seems that is what I was born to do. It's not just a job or a paycheck. It is a part of me or maybe I should say I am a part of it. My lens has witnessed the beauty, the glamor but also the hardships and death. I hope that it will continue to make a difference.

Now it seems that stills and moving pictures are becoming combined. Advertising is changing, new and faster ways are being developed to get a message or ad out. Who knows what the future holds for us. Maybe we will open a department that makes films or commercials. Or finds a way to reach a larger audience about social issues using our cameras.

So it doesn't matter if I am shooting a portrait, or an advertisement, a film or glamor at the beach, or the news - I love my job and always want to do my very best for you and me.

We have covered many miles in our 33 years since Adam Productions was started. Learning to shoot with a make-shift darkroom in a bathroom, then shooting portraits (I still remember my first commissioned sitting - was I ever nervous!) finally opening a studio with some space and putting every dime earned into gear and rent.

Today we can look back at thousands of portraits, covering events, shooting ads in New York City, shooting boudoir sets, building a black and white and then color lab, shooting models, moving to Hollywood to work behind a motion picture camera, and then covering the news as a reporter/ photojournalist. I learned how powerful a camera could be. It has been an adventure.

In 2017 we are going to combine these talents and bring in all under one roof. We now offer

* Corporate videos

* Executive and family portraits

* Advertising (from layout to finished product or any part thereof)

* Stock photos for your advertising or editorial needs

* Multimedia productions to get your story out to the world

So if you need a mailer, magazine ad, corporate video, or any of the other skill sets that we have then contact us for all your photo/video needs at

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